Due to changes in the registration of official used ports at IANA we are making changes to our servers to comply with them.

IANA has decided in 2017 that submission port 465 (SSL) is no longer to be used, in favor of port 587 (TLS). We have been supporting both up to now, but are dropping port 465 (SSL) as well on our mail systems.

All if not most of our customers are complient with IANA and have been using port 587 (which is more secure anyway) so we do not expect any issues. If you do experience a problem with sending mail please do not hesitate to contact us at our support channels (support@ichtushosting.com or the website: www.ichtushosting.com)

With kind regards,

Rein van 't Veer
Ichtus Hosting system engineer

Torsdag, Oktober 17, 2019

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